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the Sounds of the MAO

The Sounds of the MAO arrive at the Mercato Centrale Torino

In collaboration with the Museum of Oriental Art, the Historic Ice Houses will be filled with the sounds of the MAO reworked, decomposed and integrated into a live performance by Japanese artist Shigeru lshihara aka DJ Scotch Egg/Scotch Rolex, which will become an exclusive site-specific installation open to the public until the end of September. A work based on sound, interactions between the _space and those who experience it, and the cross-influences _between places and cultures: these are the _elements at the base of the sound project _created by the Japanese artist _Shigeru Ishihara aka DJ Scotch _Egg/Scotch Rolex, who arrives in the underground Historic Ice Houses of the Mercato Centrale _Torino with “The Sounds of the MAO”. From 9.30 pm on 3 February, the live musical performance, _open to the public, will bring to _life an exclusive site-specific installation in which the sounds of the MAO _meet those of the Mercato Centrale.
Arising from the collaboration with the Museum of Oriental Art of Turin, the sound work is the result of a creative process in three phases. It began with an artist residency at the MAO and ends at the Mercato Centrale, where the sounds of the museum, reworked, decomposed and integrated, are transformed into an exclusive musical work depicting the interaction of different places and cultures.
After an initial recording session at the MAO to capture the sounds related to the rituality of the temporary exhibition _”Buddha10: Fragments, drifts and refractions of the Buddhist visual imagery” (on display until 3 September 2023), _Shigeru Ishihara has reworked the tracks into an original composition, presented for the first time live _exclusively during the event “The Sounds of the MAO”. A performance in which the sounds captured inside the museum come _into synergy with the particular unique acoustics of the underground location. The performative art of DJ Scotch Egg/Scotch Rolex _transforms the dome of the ice houses into a cathedral, paving the way for a real journey of sound drifts and _refractions.
The audio track of this process will remain installed and accessible to the public inside the Historic Ice Houses until the _end of September, building a conceptual and imaginative bridge between the two Turin institutions. The initiative represents the inaugural _project of the new collaboration between Mercato Centrale Torino and the Museum of Oriental Art, which throughout 2023 _will offer events and opportunities to gather and promote the mixing of cultures and people.

Shigeru Ishihara

Shigeru Ishihara aka DJ Scotch Egg/Scotch Rolex is an artist who pushes boundaries in the truest sense of the word. Originally _from Tokyo, at the beginning of the 2000s he was part of the Brighton underground music scene in the UK, where – _with the alias DJ Scotch Egg – he started a real genre of his own using Game Boys and a microphone, _later known as breakcore, creating a legion of devoted followers who flocked to attend his energetic _performances. Shigeru’s unpretentious magnetism has drawn countless musical adventurers into his world and _helped expand his range of expression. Swapping his Game Boys for a bass, he co-founded the duo _Drumeyes in 2007 with Eda of the cult Japanese band Boredoms. Since moving to Berlin in 2011, Scotch Egg’s _sound has evolved to embrace hip hop, trap and dub influences. Here he co-founded the record _label Small But Hard, on which he released several of his own musical projects, including Devilman (with Taigen from Bo _Ningen and Gorgonn) and DJ Scotch Bonnet & Sensational. In 2016, he founded a pop duo project: Waqwaq Kingdom _(Jahtari, Phantom Limb) with Kiki Hitomi (King Midas Sound), further expanding his musical palette. His most recent works include collaborations with the Turkish MC Ethnique Punch (Epic Istanbul) and with the _Shanghai artist Gooooose (SVBKVLT). 2021 saw the release of his latest project, Tewari, with his new alias Scotch _Rolex, a kaleidoscopic album produced during his 2019 artistic residency with Nyege Nyege Tapes in Kampala, _Uganda.
MAO Museum of Oriental Art
Opened in 2008 on the historic site of Palazzo Mazzonis, the MAO Museum of Oriental Art houses one of the most _important collections of Asian art in Italy and Europe. MAO is not just a place where collections are presented to the public. It is an experimental space for activating _the collections themselves through exhibition and performance projects; it is an opportunity to create and expand content _and research; it is an actor in a global network that explores the possibilities for cultural enhancement of Asian _artworks in a European and international context; it is a social space and meeting place; it is a centre of experimentation _that works in triangulation between conservation, production and evolution of the activities carried out within a framework _of environmental respect and system ecology; it is #MAOTempoPresente.