Radio Mercato Centrale

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We give voice to goodness.

Sounds. Fresh bread being broken, the sizzling of oil, stems of flowers being cut by skilled hands.
Noises. People who talk, laugh, scream, joke, share, taste, toast, celebrate, discover.
Voices. Of the artisans and their know-how, of those by their side, of those who enter only to take a look and then remain speechless, of those who never tire of telling. Voices have infinite nuances, creating sound and rousing attention in a way that’s unique for each person.

The Mercato Centrale Milano has its own voice. When it speaks, it reminds us of Florence, Rome and Turin, but there’s always that extra something that makes it unique. Similar, of course, but different, by choice. By its very nature, the Mercato Centrale Milano is both the content and the container. It becomes a sounding board, which is why we can say that we give voice to goodness. This is the way in which we respond to Milan, finally reclaiming a living space to be experienced. This is the way we respond to the artisans who – now more than ever – find a place that enhances their uniqueness and makes them the absolute central characters of the story. It’s our way to establish a dialogue with people, who are increasingly attentive and informed, who know and want to choose.
Inside the Mercato Centrale Milano, there are many voices that are each different with varying intensities, with spontaneity, instinct and truth at the core. Because here, goodness is fundamental. Really, really, really.

artisans artisans artisans

The heart of the Mercato Centrale Milano is the artisans. Women and men with a passion that’s always growing, growing, growing. Call, whisper, scream. Live.

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What does the radio lab, under Alessio Bertallot’s artistic direction, have to do with Mercato Centrale Milano?
It heeds and shares. Impulses, sounds, and silences too. Movements of a city and a world that fascinate and beguile.
A voice that gives voice.

Cosaporto? The goodness of the Mercato Centrale Milano!

The artisans’ specialties, delivered to wherever you want.

Choose your preferred goodness from among all the stores at the Mercato, and Cosaporto.it will deliver them to your home, office, or wherever you prefer in just a single order.

Convenient, fast, delicious!

Mercato Centrale Milano

Inside the Central Station in the heart of the city is the heart of fashion, design and inclusiveness. This is where the Mercato Centrale Milano was born.

Two floors, 32 stores filled goodness, flowers, a radio laboratory under the artistic direction of Alessio Bertallot, and a dedicated space for meetings, presentations, and events.

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