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Partnering with E.ON for sustainable development

the collaboration
between the Mercato Centale and E.ON
Over the last few years, attention has once again been given to climate change and the consequences it can have for us and our future. This has gradually led to an entirely new way of thinking about the economy, increasingly green, making sustainability a priority for everyone. Since its foundation, the Mercato Centrale, has never limited itself to focusing only on food, but has always valued and participated in projects whose values are akin to the ones we’ve long promoted. As such, we partnered with E.ON, an energy company specializing in the production of electrical energy and the sale of electrical energy and gas with an eye towards protecting the environment. In the search for innovative and sustainable solutions accessible to all, E.ON continues to work hard to enhance its systems and raise awareness about environmentally friendly activities. Its work is especially aimed at younger generations, who are our future. Sustainable development influences various aspects of our lives and is based on the concept of an economy that can grow without destroying resources for future generations. All of us, in our moments of everyday wisdom, can improve the quality of our lives, of those around us and those who will come after us. It’s a simple concept, but one that can make a difference; after all, simplicity is one of the Mercato Centrale’s values, weaved into so much more than just food and the quality of our products.
The importance of energy is something we often forget because we’re used to always having it at our disposal. The ease with which we use it overshadows the way in which we use it: E.ON and the Mercato Centrale are spreading an important message about caring for the environment, posted on screens so that it’s visible to every costumer and translated into the Mercato’s simple and easy-to-understand language. The protagonists of these short video spots are the artisans, who message is meant to raise the viewers’ awareness about this vast but important topic. The choice to use renewable energy as a clean alternative to traditional forms further emphasizes the values that the Mercato would like to promote.