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Plotting the central body

by Maria Pecchioli


Plotting the Central Body is an interdisciplinary art project by Maria Pecchioli, made in collaboration with the Mercato Centrale during her artist residency at the condominium-museum Viadellafucina16.

The project considers the urban space as a body and explores the city’s energy by using the Taoist cosmogony of the five elements and the book of changes, I Ching. The venture calls for a portrait of the city to be constructed through the identification of projects, proposals and individuals active in the territory that – bringing specific energetic qualities to the city – correspond to the roles of organs and contribute to creating streets, energetic “meridians” of the city as a body.

“What is it that drives the transformation of a body made up of a thousand bodies? With what frequency are the arteries of this place traversed? What forms do they create? Where am I and how do I move within this area of land on the water-fire, metal-wood axis? How do I orient my compass in the cosmos that hosts me? My work contemplates the body as it transforms, blazing like a fire/melting metal/ dissolving in water/to nourish the wind in the sky/and the wood in the earth. I leave myself free to be swept away by a single breath; inspired by the wise man, I do not arrive by walking.

Aware of the processes of transformation that the urban body is subject to just like any other organism, Pecchioli’s research does not presume to be definitive, but explores that drives, equilibriums and interruptions that mutate and give a voice to active planning. Plotting the Central Body varies in both artistic practices and style: it includes – in addition to maps that capture the movements of energy – four events that will stimulate collaborations and highlight local situations.


Plotting the Central Body is backed by the Mercato Centrale Torino.

The project is part of Plotting the Urban Body, launched in 2012 in Milan in collaboration with Viafarini and Kunstverein, 2012/2013, followed by New York in collaboration with Flux Factory in 2013, the Val D’Elsa with Fenice Contemporanea in 2014 and St. Louise, Missouri, in collaboration with The Luminary.


Maria Pecchioli is an artist and producer who works with transmedia platforms, as well as a performer and filmmaker dedicated to the processes of individual and collective transformation. She is a co-founder of the artist-curator duo Radical Intention (2009), curator of the “Corniolo Art Platform” artist-in-residence program and summer school (since 2011) and co-founder of the collective Fosca (2006).
In 2014, her film Lei disse sì won the Biografilm Festival. In three years, Lei disse sì, shown at national and international film festivals and in theatres, became one of the most important transmedia projects dedicated to civil rights in Italy.
For the past two years, she has played planet gongs, using them in auditory-vibrational performances.
“Plotting the Urban Body” is now in its fifth edition, conducted in Milan with ViaFarini and curated by Kunstverein, in New York with Flux Factory, in San Gimignano with Fenice Contemporanea and in St. Louis with The Luminary. This year’s edition in Turin is backed by the Mercato Centrale Torino.


March 2, from 2.00pm to 7.00pm
Via San Giovanni Battista la Salle 16, Torino

Workshop “Earth’s energy levels in Porta Palazzo”

In collaboration with the condominium-museum Viadellafucina16

The workshop will be an opportunity to observe, record and reinterpret the energy levels that flow daily through the area around the market in Porta Palazzo – Dora Savona.


March 16, all day

Plotting The Central Body
Energy treatments for the urban body.

Travelling performance
In collaboration with performers from Shared Training Torino

Thanks to an inquiry into the distribution of energy throughout Turin’s urban body, areas with high energy levels were identified, where performances will be carried out that will serve to treat the city’s body. The performances are aimed at harmonizing interruptions, strengthening the voids or scattering energy solids.
The group thus becomes a channel, a corpus of energy that transmits its harmonizing potential to the urban body through the creation of sculptural forms, auditory vibrations and choreographic micro-movements.

The Shared Training Torino performers are Francesco Dalmasso, Lucia Mazzoleni, Cristina Da Ponte, Elisa D’Amico and Iacopo Seri.

March 24, from 5.00pm to 7.00pm
Via Cavagnolo 7, Turin

Film showing and talk dedicated to themes of treating the urban body, civic engagement projects, criticality and the strengths of social art practices.

In collaboration with Piccolo Cinema

Documentary film – Cherokee Street: Mutual Conquest – self-produced by Maria Pecchioli in collaboration with The Luminary.

Documentary film – condominium-museum Viadellafucina16 – produced by Massimo Arvat, Zenit

Massimo Arvat – producer at ZENIT and Brice Coniglio – artist and culture curator at Viadellafucina 16
A.titolo – Curatorial group dedicated to art, public spaces and social practices
Paola Monasterolo – Fondazione Mirafiori
Carlo Salone – professor in the Interuniversity Department of Regional and Urban Studies and Planning


April 3
Palazzina Palatina – Ghiacciaie, new headquarters of the Mercato Centrale Torino
Piazza Repubblica 25

Map presentation and auditory-vibrational performance.

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